While making events like weddings and engagements fun is no easy task. We still believe it is not impossible. There are a number of ways you can make your wedding and engagement events fun. Additionally, we tend to figure out some secrets behind a happy married life and relevant chores along with our audience. The key is to make sure that the engagement and wedding of a couple are all about them without any nitty-gritty. Once you are done with all these events, there comes the phase of life which we generally term as life after the wedding. The trick is to make it as happy and fun as the wedding event. 

Our passion is to make your weddings and married life fun, and we explore the world of weddings frequently to bring you the latest wedding trends and make sure you stay updated with these latest trends to help you make your wedding as trendy and fun as possible. Additionally, we put together some tips and tricks to make your married life happy and satisfied. You will find tips to strengthen your relationship and make it an ideal one, suggestions about the gifts, presents, and surprises with the potential of making your better half jump with joy. 

We also take a deep look at various types of relationships and bring some effective insights to help you handle unexpected situations when you come across one and make your couple one of the ideal ones regardless of the type of relationship you are involved in. Here are some categories we discuss here on our website:


We discuss tips and tricks to make your engagement and wedding events fun and enjoyable for everyone in addition to making it a lasting memory for the couple that is getting married. These tips and tricks include games, photography, entry of bride and groom, and everything relevant.


It is a sure thing that no relationship is similar to the other. Every relationship has its own breakpoints and significance. Some relationships are neutral, while some are male-dominated. Similarly, some other relationships are female-led, there is no one size fits all solution for all these types of relationships. On this website, we have put together some tips to help you thrive in your relationships.


After the wedding, comes the honeymoon! Just like particular requirements of a wedding that are necessary to meet, the same is the case with a honeymoon. We have made sure that you get the best out of your honeymoon and have put together some amazing suggestions and recommendations for you after keeping a close eye on what the bride and the groom want from their honeymoon.


Gifts, presents, and surprises are an inevitable part of any relationship. Gifts can help you make your relationship even stronger. We have a list of suggestions for you to surprise your better half with amazing presents and make them burst into tears of joy.

How Tos:

This section is pretty much related to the chores you come across during the life after the wedding. Therefore, we have put together a list of solutions to help you deal with various challenges and tasks.

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