Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Have your future life partner just recently proposed to you, and you are curious to find out the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? Are you excited to find out that you can wear the engagement ring that you love so much even after exchanging vows at the wedding ceremony? 

We have answered all the most searched questions regarding engagement rings and wedding rings in this article to rest everyone’s curiosity and help them in finding the best ring for their special day.

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Difference B/W Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

The major dissimilarity between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is that an engagement ring is given to you as a token of love and promise from your lover when they propose to you as the symbol of engagement.

Whereas a wedding ring or wedding band is exchanged at the time of the official wedding ceremony while exchanging vows in front of friends and family to represent love, commitment, and bondage.

Wedding rings and engagement rings do not have to be necessarily different. You can wear your engagement ring even after the wedding as a wedding ring if you really like it and want to keep wearing it. There is also an option to wear both a wedding ring and an engagement ring on your finger. It all depends on personal preference and want.

You can purchase a matching pair of wedding rings and engagement rings (if you want) or buy different and unique designs of wedding rings and engagement rings. There are many beautiful and elegant collections of wedding and engagement rings that are available in the market that you can buy as you like.

Wedding rings are usually simpler and less expensive than engagement rings. Since traditional wedding rings are metal bands or simple bands intricate with the small size of jewels and diamonds, they are cheaper than an engagement ring.

In contrast to this, engagement rings have a diamond that is big and smaller diamonds are surrounding them. Due to the more number of diamonds that are adorning engagement rings, they are a little more pricey than wedding rings.

Wedding bands are normally worn in their traditional and classical style. But it is not compulsory, modern brides now prefer to wear more stylish and heavily decorated wedding rings than ever worn before.

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How Wedding and Engagement Rings Should be Worn?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are worn on the finger that is right next to the pinky finger in the left hand. These two rings are worn next to each other and the wedding ring is nearest to the hand as it symbolizes the closer connection to the heart.

Though, most brides like to wear the engagement ring on one hand and the wedding ring on the other, especially if the rings are not well-suited together. Another reason for not wearing two rings on a finger is that they occupy a lot of space and can be uncomfortable at times.

Wedding ring Vs. Wedding band

Wedding rings and wedding bands are different for the same thing i.e. a ring that symbolizes married status and commitment to love. These two terms are interchangeable when talking about rings that we exchange at the time of the wedding ceremony.

The more traditional term is the wedding band. A wedding band is a simple metal band or channel set that is often beautified with tiny jewels and diamonds.

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Engagement and Wedding Ring Combo

Picking rings that perfectly match and go well with each other when bought separately requires careful judgment and great shopping skills. Couples that are not really familiar with ring designs and combinations often face many difficulties. You need to be extra careful about metal type, color, design, and structure so that they do not produce any unwanted rubbing and uneasiness.

Some jewelry designers are even willing to design special sets of engagement and wedding rings on request. Another good way is to pick an already available pair of engagement and wedding rings. This set is called a bridal set. These pairs are mostly worn due to their identical design and color that perfectly match and fit each other.

Engagement and Wedding Ring for Men

Numerous men only wear a wedding ring but some of them also like to wear an engagement ring to express their commitment. The Majority of wedding ring variety that is designed for men is just plain metal, but some options are also present for those who want slightly fancy rings that look good while still hinting at masculinity.

When to Pick Out Wedding Rings?

Couples usually select wedding rings two weeks before the wedding ceremony to avoid any unnecessary issues and have one less arrangement to deal with at the last moment.

Do You Prefer to Wear Both Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Sooner or later, it all depends on couples’ wants and personal preference. If you would really like to wear both wedding and engagement then it is your big day and the choice will obviously be yours as it all comes to what makes YOU happy. Either you want an expensive and fancy set of rings or simple metal bands, there are numerous amazing and stunning varieties of rings that are easily accessible in the market.

However, we have observed and gathered some very obvious and important reasons because of which brides opt to wear only one ring to symbolize their love and soon to be married status;

  1. Wearing two rings can be a little uncomfortable, so it is better to wear only one ring to serve both purposes.
  2. Two rings occupy more space on your finger which looks slightly unattractive and odd sometimes.
  3. Another benefit of wearing just one ring is you have one less ring to worry about losing if you often have many things on your mind.
  4. It can be challenging sometimes to find two different rings for a wedding and engagement especially if you are buying them separately that complement and perfectly match with each other.
  5. You can spend the funds that were spent on two different rings on just one ring which can be more beautiful and unique


The bottom line is that there can be no right or wrong while picking out a wedding ring and an engagement ring as long as they are close to your heart and perfectly reflects your love story and matrimony forever.

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