How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring
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How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring

Resizing rings is not that difficult as it may seem, it all depends on how you take the task. You like your marriage or engagement ring a lot, and it is like the one most people fantasize about in their dreams. 

Your spouse really surprised you with such a beautiful testimonial of engagement or wedding, the only issue you face while wearing the ring is it doesn’t fit your finger properly and a bit larger or smaller in size or your finger changed its size over time. Additionally, this also happens when you want to wear the same ring on another finger.

The best solution in such a situation is to get the ring resized so that it can fit your finger properly and snugly without moving around or staying loose in your finger.  Regardless of the reason, getting the ring resized is the most feasible solution. However, a lot of people avoid resizing their rings because the process is full of hassles, or it will affect the appearance of the ring, but this is not the case. 

The only thing that is worth considering while getting a ring resized is how much duration is needed for this process, the answer is simple, it depends on the type of ring. We have gathered information about the process of resizing a ring and relevant details to help you get your ring resized without finding yourself in loads of hassles. Further details are given below:

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How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring?

You may ask, how long does it take to get a ring resized? The process of wedding and engagement ring resizing can be done in a few hours, and it can take a time of a few weeks as well. The time can be somewhere in between, the primary factor that decides the required time for the process of resizing a ring is the metal or material used in making the ring. Additionally, it depends on the design details of the ring and the jeweler who is working on the process of resizing a ring. 

If you ask for a specific answer regarding the required time to resize a ring, unfortunately, there is no answer to such a question. However, there are some basic tips and rules that can help you get an idea about the expected time required to resize a ring.

engagement ring resizing
Image Credit: J. Wiesner Private Jeweler

What is the Best Place to get a Ring Resized?

Now you may ask yourself, what is the best place to get a ring resized? Luckily, we have an answer to this question, in our opinion getting the ring resized by a local jeweler with a small level business is better because your nearby jeweler will be capable of resizing the ring onsite and will take considerably lesser time as compared to large jewelry store chains like Zale, Kay, or Pandora

This is because a local jeweler will have much little work to do and can work on your ring immediately. Additionally, your local jeweler will do the whole work with proper attention. Large jewelry store chains, on the other hand, have their hands involved in a lot of work and if you choose one of their outlets, these outlets will ship the ring to the main work site for the purpose of ring resize, and it will take a lot of additional time. The main work site will take a few days to perform the required and an additional week to ship it back to the concerned jewelry outlet. This whole process may take a few weeks, leaving you waiting for your beloved ring.

The local jewelers can start working on your ring right away and deliver your ring with the required outcomes in a few hours or a few days at max. This makes the local jewelers a more feasible choice as compared to chain jewelry stores. All you have to do is simply walk into your nearby jewelry shop and ask your local jeweler about their current workload and turn around time. Many jewelers working locally will give you a turnaround time of a week in order to be safe, however, they generally take around a couple of days to perform the ring resize work and make it fit snugly to your finger.

You just need to take care of one thing, if you have purchased the ring from a famous jewelry store chain, then you may need to check out the warranty details.

jewelry stores that size rings while you wait
Image Credit: Quick Jewelry Repairs

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How much to resize a ring?

Here comes the most obvious question, how much does it cost to resize a ring? The cost of resizing a ring is also dependent on the design of a ring. If it is a simple job and doesn’t require much effort from a jeweler it may cost you as little as just $20, however, if the metal and material used in making a ring are costly and the design is complicated then it may cost you a few hundred dollars.

What to do in case of Time Shortage?

Now finally the important question, what if you don’t have the time to resize? We have an answer! There are many people who face the challenge of unavailability of time or shortage of time and find the process of resizing a ring time-consuming, and they usually wear the ring while going to some events. Such people don’t need to have their ring resized and simply solve the issue by wearing a ring guard along with the ring, the presence of a ring guard will make their ring fit snugly to their finger. However, it should be noted that this is not a permanent solution, the frequent use of a ring guard while wearing the ring will affect the band of the ring over time and may damage it. 

In case if you are still considering using a metal guard you can find one from your local jeweler, metal guards available in the market currently are either made up of metal or plastic. You can choose any material for your ring guard according to your ease and requirements.

how much does it cost to resize a ring
Image Credit: Eduardo Accostupa Jewelry Designer
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