How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

Finally, you asked the big question and your partner accepts and is ready to get married to you and spend the rest of their life with you. There is no doubt that marriage brings responsibilities, apparently huge ones but as soon as you think of getting married, you should get ready to face some challenges, and planning your marriage is one of them.

As soon as you post your picture with the caption saying, you are about to get married. Several people will be expecting to be invited. A number of friends, family members that you have to consider when preparing an invitation list.

It is not an easy task (actually quite a daunting one) to create a list of guests that you have to invite. Your parents will be asking you to invite people that you never heard of, your siblings want to call all of their friends at your wedding and you have your worries to call all your friends whether your school/ college friends or your colleagues. All of this combination means that you have to invite hundreds of people and serve them well at your wedding which isn’t quite possible if you don’t have tons of money to spend.

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For all of your relative questions, we have crafted this article. So, sit back and mute your notifications and let’s figure out how many people you should invite to your wedding.

How many people you should invite to your wedding?

The number of people you should invite depends on several factors including the budget. The best way to get the list ready easily is by splitting the guest list half between you and your partner. To get the picture clear for you below in the next section there are some factors discussed that you can consider when making the guest list.

Factors to consider when making the guest list

There are three main factors: budget, venue, and vibe. Now you have to decide first which of these three you consider the most important. Let’s discuss each of these individually.


If you and your partner want to stick with a specific budget, then the budget will determine how many guests you can invite. And the most important thing that is associated with the budget is the food you will serve the guests. First, you need to calculate the cost of food per person. The cost may vary according to the area you live in. so you have to consult the catering service provider and get an estimate of the cost.

The overall cost depends on your preferences like if you want a multi-course catered meal, the cost will rise but on the other hand, if you prefer a fun buffet, the cost will go down. So, do the math accordingly.


The venue holds great importance and you can consider a lot of areas where you have memories like the place where you both first met.

The venue is important because it shows how many people you can afford to invite. If you are planning to invite 200 hundred people, you will have to find a venue that can hold more than 200 people easily like a castle.

The easy way is to go online and search for different venues, their parameters, and the capacity they offer to give the best possible experience. Also, in such cases where you need to squeeze in some people, you should ask the manager of the venue about the capacity.

Sometimes, the maximum that you may see on a website is a rough estimate for best experience and in such cases, you can only add some people, negotiate and add a couple of chairs.


Some say, the more the number of people, the more will be fun. It depends totally on you how you want your wedding’s atmosphere should be. The number of people at a wedding directly affects the overall vibe. Do you want your marriage to feel like a city-wide carnival or want a simple and private wedding with only a few nearest ones are invited? Maybe, the blend of both will work the best. For your ease, we have created some categories mentioning the number of people and their effect on the atmosphere.

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4-10 Guests

how many people to invite to wedding

This number includes you, your partner, and some of the other dearest and close ones like parents and siblings or even best friends. This number makes a wedding look simple, memorable, and romantic and overall you will save a lot of money.

6-20 Guests

what percentage of invited guests attend a wedding

This is where you invite the people dear to you and your partner which includes your and your partner’s immediate families and some of the close friends. Such a number easily fits and you can arrange the reception dinner at any place like at your favorite restaurant or even in your large backyard.

20-80 guests

what percentage of wedding guests attend

20 to 80 people means you are limited to some extent but still can invite a lot of people (mostly relatives) like your cousins, aunts, uncles, and close friends groups. These weddings are like family reunions where all of them take some time out of their busy life and meet at the wedding. However, your family reunion may be the one that includes your close friend groups from all aspects of your life. Once you extend the invitations to more than 20, then a venue can offer you support and a bigger space to celebrate. This type of wedding is quite fun, memorable, and affordable as well.

100-200 Guests

average number of guests at a wedding

Calling out 100-200 guests is a norm that many people follow in the USA and other countries. Different surveys say that a lot of people invite people up to 200 with an average of 167. Such a number of people include extended family, kids, and one or two tables specified for friends and their plus ones. You may have encountered such weddings with this many people. These types of weddings are fun and if you or your partner likes to be the center of attention, a celebration like this works pretty well.

These are some factors that you need to look out for when you are planning your wedding or creating a list of guests. We hope this article helped you with how many people you should invite to your wedding. Good luck.

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