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How to Keep Wedding and Engagement Rings Together

There are some events or milestones in one’s life that are worth celebrating and the symbols that represent those events should be kept in a safe manner throughout the whole life and even beyond. 

Wedding and engagement are some of the most important events or milestones in a person’s life. These moments should be celebrated wholeheartedly throughout the whole life and the symbols are worth lifelong saving. 

However, for a lot of people, it becomes a challenging task to connect wedding rings together. Although speaking technically, both these rings are given and received separately, but people see both these rings as one unit and want to see and keep them together. They even want to wear them together in order to make them usable as a pair. 

You may also want to have your engagement and marriage ring together on the same finger just like one ring and still wondering “How to keep wedding and engagement rings together?”. We have got you covered and put together some effective tips to connect wedding band and engagement ring without any hassle. Further details are given below:

Buy a Set of Rings:

We start with the easiest one first, this is very simple. All you need to do is to buy a set of wedding rings that included both the engagement and the wedding ring. With a set of rings on your finger, you don’t have to worry about keeping those rings together because they are already together. 

This will definitely save you plenty of time and effort. It all depends on the size and shape of one ring and the newer one can be made accordingly to keep both rings together and make them look like a single unit.

Soldered Rings Together:

Now coming to the most often one, when it comes to keeping wedding and engagement rings together, the very first method that comes into one’s mind is soldering them. Yes, this can be a solution, and it is used frequently for this purpose. 

So, coming to the method, the soldering process involves the attachment of metals of both the rings together to get one large ring as a single unit. However, keeping both the rings together is not the only purpose why people get soldered rings together. There are a number of other reasons as well. For instance, people may get their ring soldered to fit snugly in their fingers. 

The comfortable thing about this method is having the convenience of wearing one large ring that represents both the rings after the soldering process. This process will make both the rings which have become a single unit now fit right at the centre of your finger, however, the fun of playing and changing the position will be finished after the soldering process.

Using a Ring Adjuster:

Another effective method to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding ring as one is using a ring adjuster. You won’t believe it but this little piece of plastic is a great solution to the problem of keeping both these rings together as a pair. All you need to do is buy a ring adjuster which is apparently a tiny spiral piece of clear plastic. You can find one online or from a nearby jewellery store easily. 

This small piece of plastic is designed in such a way that it can easily fit around the band of a ring if it is a little large, using this ring adjuster will make the ring fit snugly around your finger. However, you need to find a ring adjuster that is flexible enough to wind around the bands of two rings easily. 

This flexible ring adjuster will hold the rings as if they are tied together. Make sure the adjuster is holding both the rings together and working spirally around the underside of the rings. Once you are done with that, all you have to is properly make sure that both the rings are locked firmly together.  

It should be noted that the ring adjuster works exceptionally well if the rings are larger in size.

Use Guards Made Up of Plastic or Metal:

The ring adjuster made up of clear plastic is not the only thing that can bind both the wedding and the management rings together. Guards made up of plastic can also do that. If you don’t prefer using plastic then there are guards made up of metal available as well. These little pieces can be inserted in at the bottom of the rings. The job of these guards will be to fit the ring snugly. These guards will also prevent both the rings from knocking into each other and keep them fixed at one place. Once you use a metal or plastic guard to bind both your rings together, they won’t move easily, and you can comfortably use both these rings as a single pair.

Consider a Snuggle Fit:

There is another way to wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together as a pair in a single finger through getting those rings fit snugly in your finger. You can have both these rings adjusted in a way that they become immovable and look like a single ring. You can do it by paying a  visit to your nearby jeweller. The jeweller will add a sizing band to the larger ring. Another way of doing so is the addition of beads to the larger ring by your jeweller. 

Regardless of the method chosen by the jeweller, the outcome will be adjustments to make the rings tight and fit your finger properly. Once this is done, the rings won’t move around your fingers; you can wear both the rings as one single pair easily.

Wrapping it Up:

We understand how important both these rings together, and you would never want to leave one in your closet while wearing the other. The methods above will definitely help you keep your wedding and engagement rings together and wear them as one to celebrate the most important milestone in your life which also represents the strength of your lifelong relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How to keep wedding and engagement rings together?
There are various methods of doing that, these methods include tying the rings together, soldering them, using a ring adjuster, or simply buying a set of rings.

2- How much does it cost to get wedding rings soldered together?
Soldering rings are not going to cost you much, it also depends on the material of rings. However, the maximum it will cost you is $45.

3- Is it a good idea to solder rings together?
Yes, a lot of people keep the rings together with the method of soldering rings together and it is not as expensive as you may think.

4- How do you attach a wedding ring without soldering?
You can do that by buying a set of rings, tying the rings together, using a ring adjuster, and using guards made up of plastic or metal.

5- Is it good to buy a set of rings?
Yes, this is the easiest way of keeping the wedding and engagement rings together as a couple.

6- How can I make my ring fit tighter?
You can do it with the help of various methods including soldering and using ring guards and adjusters.

7- What is the purpose of a ring guard?
The job of ring guard is inserted at the bottom of the rings, Its purpose is to make the ring fit snugly in your finger.

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