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Henna is one of the important things among wedding arrangements. Without Henna, a wedding does not seem like a wedding. Mehendi designs make the bride’s hands more alluring. Mehendi is the most essential thing in Bride’s attire. Mehendi Designs have some social significance. Nowadays, people used to wear Mehendi on their hands, feet, arms, etc. on many occasions either an EID celebration or wedding ceremony. Mehendi is viewed as brilliant art and drawing for decorating hands.

Brides’ Mehendi Designs must be unique and well-structured as it is considered as a sign of celebration, happiness, and a sign of their living spouse. Mehendi makes women’s hands more appealing and genuinely makes them more beautiful. Each young lady needs her mehendi to look delightfully enhanced and everyone praises it. At wedding events, Mostly mehendi designs are to be objective and most ladies keep proceeding with their conversation about brides Mehendi designs. Mehendi is the craving of each lady. Mehendi designs are viewed as expensive adornments of each lady.

Simple Mehndi Designs

Some prefer Simple Mehendi designs while some prefer complex ones.

20 Simple Mehendi Designs For Wedding

In Asian culture, mehendi designs commonly applied in mehendi events prior to wedding begins. Wife and husband families welcome close family members, cousins, and companions in mehendi events where ladies wear customary Asian dresses like sharara suits, gharara dress, shalwar kameez, Anarkali dress for the most part in a mix of yellow and green.

Applying Mehendi design on all fours has been a stupendous practice that began in the antiquated Indian subcontinent. The thick glue applied as exquisite mehendi is produced using the power of an evaporated plant. At the point when washed off, it leaves a cherry red or earthy colored shading that makes the hands look so wonderful and beautiful. Nonetheless, the shade of the henna mehendi relies upon the measure of time it is left on.

It began as a simple henna Mehendi that was applied utilizing some item like a piece of wood. Yet, presently it has now transformed into an extraordinary style pattern with so numerous most recent mehendi designs that are exceptionally perfect and many-sided.

The pattern isn’t simply focused on India and encompassing South-Asian nations however it is well known all throughout the planet where many individuals appreciate it completely. The most famous out of every one of these plans is the Arabic mehendi plans which began from the Arab nations like Saudi Arabia.

20 Simple Mehendi design for Backhand

1) Single Finger Simple Mehendi Designs 

A few groups favor simple mehndi designs that don’t cover the whole hands. Here I can share an idea of one such model which points to the design for only one finger associated with an elegant design at the rear of the palm. Like you can use flowers, chains, and drops like design in your mehendi. It is a simple-to-make design that will in a real sense take two or three minutes. Simply make some leaf and drop designs across the hand from the wrist to the tip of the finger. 

Single Finger Simple Mehendi Designs

2) Mehendi Designs with Square Patterns 

Nowadays, people are trying new trends and patterns in mehendi design. Using geometrical shapes like squares and triangles is another most recent trend added to the collection of simple mehndi designs. Adding a little fragile teeka inside a big square pattern gave the design an entirely different look. You can complement the squares with lovely little leaves on your fingers. With everything taken into account, this seems as though the ideal current henna design for any individual who reveres Mehendi.

Mehendi Designs with Square Patterns 
Image Credit: Finetoshine

3) Mehendi Tattoo design

Brides these days are accompanying their henna with the tattoo on their forearms and shoulders as well. Lacy is more in fashion like a bunch of flowers goes along in a chain to another bunch of flowers.

Mehendi Tattoo design
Image Credit: Simple Craft Idea

4) Colorful Mehendi Design

As people are adopting new things in other departments so does here. These days people not only use mehendi of usual color but also use mehndi of other colors as well as red. Some may also glitter and marks to make their henna more beautiful.

Colorful Mehendi Design
Image Credit: Mehndi Design Beautiful

5) Vine-Styled Simple Mehendi Design

You can make another adorable mehndi design by using a vine structure. This goes across the hand from one end to the palm to the finger at the other end. Many designs can be incorporated into this general style.

Short wine-styled simple mehendi designs never go out of fashion. Starting from the side to the tip of the thumb. The flower pattern is perfect for anyone who loves mehendi but doesn’t like to cover the entire hand with it. It looks good on every woman irrespective of their age, color, and preference.

Vine-Styled Simple Mehendi Design

6)Mehendi Design to Enhance Ring Finger

A bride who is getting ready for her engagement ceremony may look for a mehndi design that is appropriate for the event. For that, a mehendi design that would enhance the finger would help her a lot. This design will help you display your ring without getting stirred up with the mehendi. It allows you to flaunt your ring by utilizing designs that leave empty space around your ring finger.

7)Bracelets Tikki Mehendi Design

Here is another idea for applying mehndi on your hands. That is another pretty and delightful armband mehendi design for hands. These designs are applied to the wrist. It gives a beautiful look to your wrist. You can apply these designs to any event.

8) Round Tikki Mehendi Designs

Round Tikki mehendi designs were derived from Arabs. Their women used to wear round tikki designs. Women wear these designs not only on their wedding but also on the occasions like EID, Holi, Diwali, etc. It is a simple, easy, and beautiful mehendi design.

9) Stamps Mehendi Design

As every individual is different from another So does his choice. Stamps mehendi Design is another style of simple mehendi design. This simple design when put on various regions of hand ends up giving you a charming Mehendi design that isn’t only easy simple to apply yet in addition looks lovely on everybody!

10)Round Pattern Mehendi Design

For round pattern design, you should simply pick a simple pattern and simply weave a circle out of it. You can blend various examples to make the plan more complex also. In any case, you have a dazzling mehendi design and simple to make in only a couple of minutes.

11) Net Style Mehendi Design

If you want your hands fully covered and yet simple as well, then you should go with this net style of mehendi Design. You can draw chains and net along with flowers to make it more elegant.

12)Floral mehendi Design

The simple and elegant design is the epitome of beauty. A combination of flowers and dotted lines is one of the best combinations. Just the perfect amount of mehendi on your pretty hand to enhance their beauty.

13) Traditional Tikki mehendi Design

Traditional Tikki is the beginning of all the Tikki designs. It is being adored by all age young ladies for centuries. You must have seen numerous designs, yet no pattern is complete without a Tikki. It is the base of each design. Tikki is additionally applying at the rear of a hand. Assuming you are worn out from basic Tikki, add it more style and give a new look to your mehendi.

14)Jewelry Style Mehendi Design

You can also utilize mehendi to make a jewelry design. You can make single chain rings, double chain-rings design. It covers just a little of the hand yet meets up is a quite delightful way.

15)Scattered and Simple Mehendi Design

Little flowers everywhere on the hand associated with chains of specks is the ideal mehndi design for when you can’t want to leave your hands vacant. This chain-like mehendi formation is likewise well known for young ladies who are hoping to cover their whole hands with mehendi.

16)Swirls and Swiss Mehendi Design

The Swirls and Swirls and Mehendi design are for more youthful young ladies and teens young ladies on the grounds that these designs don’t cover all zones of your hands and feet. Also, different designs, young ladies who need to make their fingers and more prominent should attempt this design.

Your hands will look more remarkable and pretty because of them. Mehendi is generally applied to exceptional events. Yet, here we have various types of designs that you can apply on the full adorable palm or on the arms and legs partition too. In the most recent and interesting pattern, the fingers and hands are not completely filled.

17)Mehendi Design for Corner Finger

Putting on a henna design on anyone finger of your hand may very well be the most recent pattern. A great many people like to pick the thumb or the little finger since that gives the design a pleasant completion. These basic mehendi designs start from the tip of the finger and go right towards the wrist. You can even proceed with it on the arm too which absolutely relies upon your inclination.

18)A Full Coverage Mehendi Design

As some people like minimal mehendi design, yet others prefer a fully covered hand mehndi style. The lovely design covers the whole hands with a thick beautiful design. These patterns incorporate blossoms, lines, and spots, basically all that you will discover in a conventional mehendi design. This sort of design is particularly famous among Arab culture.

19)Bead Style Mehendi Design

Beaded mehendi motifs are growing in popularity since they give the henna a dainty and minimalistic look. They are simple to imitate and draw too.

20)Mehendi Design to Cover Both Hands

Everybody cherishes a decent play of mehendi designs. You can utilize design stunts to spread a pattern to both your hands too. Like making two semicircles on two hands which join to make a heart. Such adorable simple mehndi designs are the perfect choice for ladies to flaunt their adoration for their new spouses.

20 Simple Mehendi Design for Kids

As elders of fond of the latest mehendi designs so are kids. But kid’s designs are much more fascinating and less mature. Mehendi design for kids should be simple and of small length, as they have the minimal bearing capacity to wait for this process to be done.

1)Cute Cartoon Characters

Normally, kids are very much fascinated by cartoon characters. They cherish them and get inspired by them. Cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Powerpuff Girls, and some others are usually the ones that attract most of the children’s attention.

2)Favorite Superheroes

Cartoons based superheroes usually portray significant lessons. Children used to be inspired by these morals of the stories. They want to become like them. In the flow of this fondness, they want to have things that have those superheroes printed on them like their school bags and bottles. In the same way, they want a Superhero mehendi design

3)Butterfly Mehendi Design

Butterflies are well known among kids as a result of numerous reasons. They are brilliant, lively, and very fun-loving. In addition, butterflies are an image of liberation and a feeling of harmony and serenity. They fly in their own space like a free bird, sitting and sucking nectar from one bloom to another.  A path of leaves would likewise supplement the design. You simply must be creative with such plans to catch the consideration of the children.

4)Crescent Mehendi Design

In childhood, kids like things for example the moon, stars, flowers. They also learn about it in their preschool. They also like to draw the moon with the star in the center of it.

5)Galaxy Mehendi Design

 Stars are a great design option because we have all learned in school about twinkle twinkle little stars. Adding something eye catchy is a superb way of making the kids like it.

6)Mandala Mehendi Design

The mandala design is favorable and simultaneously, extremely simple to make as well. 

Concentric circles come to life with spotted features that look so mitigating to the eyes.

7)Hearts Everywhere 

Presently, hearts are super easy, and it is likewise the most essential pattern. Children love hearts! Hearts represent love and virtue and children draw it wherever as well. I think it would be better than the central part of the hand is covered with a combination of little and large hearts, directly from the original ones to the ones having designs. The fingers are covered with a simple path design to adjust the tedium. 

8)Geometrical Mehendi Design 

Presenting mathematical shapes like squares and triangles is another most recent trend for basic mehendi designs. Incorporating a little fragile teeka inside a monster square example gave the plan an entirely different look. The squares on the rear of the hand and fingers are flawlessly supplemented by lovely little leaves. All things considered, this appears as though the ideal current henna design for any individual who loves Mehendi.

9)Floral Jewelry Design

In the wedding season, you would prefer not to clad your little ones’ hands with those inconvenient substantial gems or bangles, at that point you can presumably get their hands enhanced with a shocking hathphool mehendi design. You can also add gigantic blossoms, dabbed chain subtleties, and the web-like example to make it look excessively alluring.

10)Emoticons Mehendi Design

Children love to grin, and they love humorous things in which emoticons and smileys are included. I think it would be loved if we put a smiley in the center of each element in a delightful way. Then the centermost design blossoms with the smileys added to them. Essentially, the wristband consists of smileys. I like how the tip of the fingers should be the simplest of all but then a little smiley is added. It is an astounding design, I think it would be.

11)Leaf Vine Mehendi Design

This design is a trail design like in Arabic mehendi style. You can make two central flowers and the rest is the dot work and leaves. It is simple and unique, and you must try it once for your child.

12)Cat Mehendi Design

At an early age, kids are inspired by cats very much. They always want to touch them, feed them and play with them. Mehendi’s design of a cat would be adored by the children with the same fondness.

13)Two finger Trail Mehendi Design

A design that comprises two distinct trails has a unique feel. The charm of this design that it left some empty space on your while keeping the design elegant.

14)Half ways

This is not a complicated design as the intricate pattern is only confined to one-half of the hand. The other half is done with simple lines and dots patterns. You can also opt for these kinds of designs if your kid is a little confused about multiple design ideas. Both the halves can be decorated with different patterns in this case.

15)Tweety mehendi Design

Tweety is another cartoon character that children like very much. They used to watch tweety series and cartoons as well. In the same way, they would like to have a tweety mehendi design.

16)Dotted Mehendi Design

These teeny tiny dots together form the most beautiful designs which are also adorable for your little ones. The dots come together to form flower patterns.

17) Anime Mehendi Design Tattoo

This is more similar to a henna tattoo design instead of applying henna for a specific event. Youngsters are constantly interested in various shapes and patterns and the stars are something that fantasizes them to another realm. They likewise prefer to have their name tattooed on their hand. This is chiefly on the grounds that we have full-grown tuning into the accounts of pixies and heavenly messengers.

18)Arabic Mehendi Design

Blossoms look stunning regardless and in any mehendi design. The immense blossom in the center looks very ladylike. For youngsters, one should dive into much itemizing or complexities. In Arabic mehndi design, it is common to make a big something in the center and draw something similar to complete the Mehendi design. I appreciate how the design can be left to an absolute minimum

19)Single Patterned Mehendi Design

A mehendi design simple enough that can be made in just a few minutes. You can combine different patterns in a single line, or you can repeat one pattern for the entire design by keeping drawing the same design. You can make such simple mehendi designs easily with minimal or no prior experience as well.

20) Ring and Mandala Combo

Mehendi design with a ring and mandala is a great combination. You can have a mandala in the center. By drawing three rings from the mandala you can take it to the finger and can turn it up into a single finger mehendi design.

20 Simple Mehendi Designs for Feet

While there are huge loads of spots to discover mehendi design for your hands, your feet regularly get given up… Our collection of Most dazzling feet mehndi plans is something your feet will thank you for 

From wonderful florals and tattoo style to customary chakras and paisleys – here are a portion of our #1 feet mehendi design that will give you a genuine bridal mehendi look

1)Mandala Pattern Feet Mehendi Design

Mandalas are the most normally perceived and attracted themes in mehndi designs. They are delightful circles considered to represent prosperity, completeness, and a bond among individuals and the universe. At your wedding, you couldn’t want anything more than to get a foot mehendi design with a mandala. It is ideal for the lady who favors moderation. You can have an Exquisite leg mehendi design with mandala and rose themes on the toes. You can even give your feet mehendi design a modern touch by consolidating mandala with dot string themes.

2)Unique bridal Feet Mehendi Design

 Most ladies incline toward having multifaceted Indian mehendi designs for feet on their wedding day. Match your feet’ mehndi design with the one on your hands! A full-leg mehndi design with flower, leaf, and winding themes looks stunning as well. Feet mehendi design with globule string themes is ideal for ladies who love the beaded theme.

3)Arabic Feet Mehendi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are also popular in feet mehendi design. Amazing floral themes can be used to cover the area of the foot. This design is flawlessly separated, simple to design, and simple to apply. This beautiful design can be done for brides or even other ladies, and it will look beautiful.

4)Mehendi Feet Design Like Footwear

This design adds a modern edge contact to the traditional mehendi design. Not at all like the typical examples, the design is drawn just on the sides of the feet. If you don’t want to wear any jewelry then you can use this mehendi design. This foot mehndi design can be worn by ladies of all age gatherings.

5)Beautiful Mehendi With Motifs

Some people like motif mehendi design rather than covering it whole. You can do a substantial roundabout mehndi design on the foot and a significantly bigger peacock theme with unpredictable subtle elements on the legs. The utilization of geometric fillings with exactness draws out the best of the structures made. There isn’t much filling on the legs, yet the fingers are surrendered a total filled hope to coordinate with the same.

6)Floral Arabic Mehendi

Arabic mehendi has its beguile with the extraordinary look to the blossoms. You can have blossoms, leaves, and mango themes which are embellished with the assistance of an Arabic touch. Utilization of lines, shades, and extending impact on a few zones work enchantment on the design

7)Payal Mehendi Design

As Payal is the common ornament that women used on their feet. People who are fond of Payal usually want to wear beautiful payal mehendi design

8)Patch Style Mehendi Design

Patch style is slanting in all features of mold and works similarly well with the mehendi designs as well. You can cover the mid-foot with a blossom. The huge patch anklet is done vigorously to conceal the anklet territory with effortlessness. The toes are given a substantial complex detail which distinct differences a conspicuous difference with whatever is left of the design. This one is a hit for conventional weddings and simple ladies!

9)Sparkly Foot Mehendi Design

This is the ideal decision for ladies who love to expand mehendi design on their wedding day. You can add shimmers in various hues to cover the whole design. You can use little simple stones to precisely set over the design to give it a more detailed look.

10)Shaded Henna Pattern

Whatever the purpose behind the festival is, the fact of the matter is to add some merry feel to your appearance! So for what reason not make a difference this adorable foot mehendi design add a sentiment of festivity to your quality. 

11)Net Like Mehendi 

Net Like Mehendi design is another simple feet mehndi design that is trending. You can either cover your whole foot with a net design or a small part of it. Net-like mehndi design is a simple but elegant mehendi design.

12)Full Leg Mehendi Design

In India, brides want to wear full leg mehendi design. For that, they used to wear a combination of jaali, flowers, chains, and motifs, so then it will easily cover their legs.

13)Side Feet Mehendi Design

This design has an exquisite touch with an exceptionally complex introduction. You can do it as, just the sides of your feet encompassing the rear area and toe are depicted with the design.

14)Chained Mehendi Design

Chained Mehendi design is another great idea for a mehndi design. This is one of the additional customary designs of mehendi that suits your feet well when you are preparing for the wedding event. Towards the feet, you can make the design thick whereas in the center it ends up more extreme leaving the two sides of the feet clear. 

15)Necklace Mehendi Design

Presently, this is another lovely design that takes the state of the anklet. The chain encompasses your lower leg with an exceptionally appealing pendant in the center. The three drops falling in the center with the string joined additionally look exceptionally alluring by and large

16)Beautiful Shaded Design On Feet

This smooth mehendi design can be made utilizing the shading strategy. Giving a shaded look in mehendi designs is basic and simple. All you require is a little practice for the same. By easily sliding cones from sides, you can add a shaded look to any mehendi design

17)Simple Feet Mehendi Design for Kids

For kind people usually consider the minimal design. You can have a simple flower design in the middle of the feet. You can shade little toes to add more elegance to the central design. In this way, this design does not look that crowded or either very minimal.

18)Beautiful Alta + Mehendi Design

It is trending in India, that bride wears Alta under their foot and has mehendi design on their feet and legs. This design looks quite nice on them

19)Under the Feet

Under Feet Mehendi design is another example of simple feet mehndi design. You can wear jaali or accompany jaali with flowers. This will bring creativity to your under feet mehendi design

20) Single Finger Bel Mehendi Design

Some people like minimal mehendi design. You can do it by wearing a single-finger mehendi design with a bel or a motif. You can make a bel of leaves, flowers, swirls, dots or anything you would like.

20 Simple Mehendi Design for Front hand

Mehendi is an indispensable part of Pakistani weddings. Mehendi ceremony is termed auspicious for Pakistani brides. This ceremony is held the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she embarks on a new journey of lifelong matrimony.

Right from the bride to all the girls and married women – all of them get their hands laden with mehendi for the wedding revelries. It is also important for brides to get their feet laden with Mehendi. So, here are some of the most simple mehendi designs for the front hand that brides can adorn on the occasion of their wedding that you must see.

1)Multi-patterned and elegant

This graceful mehendi design is perfect for brides who want to strike a balance between traditions and modernity. There are leaves, floral patterns, jaalidaar designs, and also a catchy play of bold and light strokes. The prominent empty spaces further add to the contemporary nature of this design.

2)Sheer elegance

Concentric circles brought to life with dotted highlights look so soothing to the eyes. Further, the identical belted patterns on the fingers are delicately done. However, the bracelet part is yet another highlight of this charming mehendi design.

3)Mesmerising Florals 

Pretty floral bootis adjoined together with delicacy make for a great mehendi design for a wedding.


Mehendi ceremony is an essential and unmissable part of every bride’s look. Owing to the religious significance it holds, it is that imperative tradition that can’t be missed out on. However, if you are not pleased by this fragrant adornment and decked-up mehndi designs are so not your thing, this minimal design is what you need. This minimal mehendi design is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

5)A trailed pattern

While it is common to have mehendi trails for the backhand, but this is one of the uncommon simple mehndi designs with a well-detailed Arabic trail on the front hand. Looks great, doesn’t it?

6)Let Mandala do all the talking!

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. It is considered auspicious for the brides-to-be to have mandalas incorporated in their mehendi design. However, for a bride who doesn’t want her hands to be fully covered with mehendi and yet has to follow the mehendi ceremony for traditional purposes, this simple mehndi design is a perfect reference.

7)Peacocks and hearts

Bold designs are simple but also serve the purpose of covering the space. This simple mehendi design with effortless strokes, peacock, and heart details is one of them.

8)The Raja-Rani love!

A simple mehendi design with half-covered with a King’s motif in the center amid a circular frame. The maze-like with floral-booti highlights on the fingers looks complex but is easy to draw. The bare skin makes this design look so apt for modish brides. On the other hand, the same design can be replicated with the queen motif.

9)The one with petite strokes

We can’t stop adoring this artsy bridal mehndi design. The way it has been designed on the outer sides of the foot looks so mesmerizing.

10)Traditional Feels

The sindoor moment is one of the most hearty and soul-stirring moments for Hindu couples. It is one of the most sacred moments when the groom fills his bride’s maang with sindoor. This ritual can be incorporated into the mehendi design as well.

11)Multiple unique elements

This mehendi design is different for so many reasons! It has Warli painting comprising tribal caricatures and unique elements like a swing, earthen pots, birds, lotus motifs, and dotted patterns.

12)A depiction of a love story

It is a trend among modern brides to depict the love journey on their bridal mehendi. This alluring mehndi design with well-defined symmetry is one of them. This particular design is not only gripping but hypnotizing as well. The lovey-dovey pair, save the date, wedding date, symmetrical pattern, artwork on palms are the elements that are absolutely worth crushing over.

13)Checkered Composition paired with motifs

The significant motifs amid a spread-over checkered pattern make for a great simple mehendi design. While one hand has a floral figure enclosed in a patterned frame, the other hand has a flying pigeon.

14)A conventional design

The USP of this design lies in its simplicity and mini empty spaces. Composed with the most traditional mehndi patterns like paisleys, mandala, leaves, and pearl drops, this simple mehendi design simply beautiful.

15)The jhumki design

Such a different and simple pretty mehendi design with jhumkis and floral motifs! The interest spaces and silhouettes enhance this design’s beauty quotient.

16)All things weddings

This minimal mehndi design with motifs of bride, groom, elephant, and doli is so damn gorgeous.

17)So soothing!

The neatness with which this design is made makes it look so soothing to the eyes. Right from peacocks, checkered patterns to mandala and traditional Mehendi strokes – this simple design has it all.

18)Go the smart way

Simply draw a basic floral design in between the palm and cover the rest of the hand with a spacious line pattern. Adding tiny dots in between will further increase the visual aesthetics. On the fingers too, the pattern is identical and more about lines and simple flower motifs.

19)A coiled Bel design

The simple curled up design looks so elegant and minimal.

20)Flowers and mesh

Flowers are the basic designs that are easily learned. This design with a unique flower and mesh pattern looks so modernistic.

Mehendi (Henna) is an important part of every event for every girl whether young or old, it doesn’t matter. Now, finding an appropriate henna design for the next EID is not too difficult for you through this article.

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