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Types of Honeymoon Sex You Can Try while You Are on You Honeymoon Trip

While most couples think don’t need any suggestions or recommendations when it comes to having sex, but that is not always the case. Being on a honeymoon trip gives you the freedom to explore new things that are related to sex, and you should totally try it. 

The bond between you and your better half urges the sex hormones to reach new heights. This moment should not go wasted, make sure you make the most out of your sex time and experience a new level of full-body pleasure that is second to none. 

New types of sex don’t always mean higher ecstasy, but it helps you strengthen your bond as well. Once you are married and off on your honeymoon trip, you would definitely want to kick off your marital sex with a new zeal. Trying new types of sex will also help you enhance fun and joy. 

Doing this will allow you to be more engaging and creative during your sex time after the honeymoon as well. We have put together some great sex ideas that you can totally enjoy with your better half on your honeymoon trip to make the most out of such a prestigious phase of your married life. Therefore, here are 7 types of honeymoon sex you should totally have with your better half:

Find Opportunities for Sex:

sex on honeymoon

You don’t need to find a reason to have sex with your partner, you should have sex wherever you want. Make sure you find every single opportunity to have sex whether you are in an elevator or at a beach. All you need is the urge to have sex and the desire to enjoy with your partner, the rest is on you. Not only that, you are free to roam around and reach some weird locations that are beautiful and provide you with the opportunity to experience some of the best moments of your marital life with your better half while having sex or trying to do so. 

Bring In Some Creativity:

honeymoon night sex

You may become fed up with the same style of sex over and over again. The best way to enjoy your sex moments is to look for new ways. Try something new whenever you gear to have sex with your partner. If you go on with the same style of sex every time, you may end up straying outside your relationship because you crave for a new way to have sex. Take out the time to learn new sex styles and add some more spice and fun in your sexual activity with your partner. After all, it is not a maths problem, and you are not obliged to use a single method every time to reach the conclusion. 

Sensations Matter as Well:

brides having sex

While most people think sex is totally spontaneous and doesn’t require any situations, but that is not true all the time. Sometimes you have to focus on sensations to urge your partner for sex. Having amazingly exotic sex is two-way traffic, and you need to make use of sensations and sensual feelings for a better experience while having sex. Your partners for this venture can be romantic lighting and aromatic candles. The presence of these objects makes your honeymoon sex feel special. Sex is all about making the most of each other’s body in terms of enjoyment, and it is quite difficult without the presence of sensual feelings. This actually requires both of you to get involved in each other’s sensuality.

Exploring Oral Sex:

honey moon sex

While most people see it as an awkward activity, it enables you to get involved with each other at the maximum level and the honeymoon is the perfect time for it. The only rule to follow here is that both persons get an equal share of oral sex. Don’t accelerate your sex before you are actually done with the foreplay. Start with the manual play-off and then move on to the main course. Your honeymoon trip provides you with the most suitable opportunity to perfect your skills and enjoy your sex. Make sure you and your partner, especially the bride get an equal share of oral sex. This will help you develop your sex habits for the future as well. 

A Quick One:

honeymoon sex planning

While most of the time we look for a perfect stage to start your sex venture, you can go for a quick one if you want to. All you need is to get yourself and your partner ready and up for the sex, and you can enjoy a quick one while you are running short on time. This quickie can help you enjoy your sex anywhere. For instance, you are enjoying your dinner at a five-star restaurant, and you want to have an exotic dinner with your partner on your honeymoon trip, then excuse yourself from the table and enjoy your exotic moments with your partner. After enjoying a quickie all you have too is leave a bulky amount in the form of a tip.

Shower Sex:

honeymoon love making

This one is going to help you develop your sexual habits in the future. All you have to do is to enter your bathroom, turn on the shower and invite your partner for sex while the water is sprinkling on your bodies. This wet form of sex is going to help you enjoy both your shower and sex. 

Learn from Kama Sutra:

sex honeymoon

Kama Sutra is an ancient book from the Indian regions of the Middle Ages, and it is still read by a lot of people to know about various sex positions. You should get the Kama Sutra book on your honeymoon trip and read it with your partner. There is a reason why it is so popular despite being too old. 

Use Some Toys:

sex during honeymoon

Being on your honeymoon trip gives you the freedom to explore some new sex ideas that you can’t enjoy otherwise. We don’t suggest you the use of chains and gags, however, using toys will help you get the max out of your sex journey with your partner while you are on your honeymoon.

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