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Wedding Shoe Game Questions for a Newly Wed Couple

A wedding is a milestone in everyone’s life, and it should be celebrated with maximum joy and happiness. Taking the help of entertaining games like the shoe game at such an event can be a great experience for the newly-wed couple and the ones attending their marriage. 

The shoe game has become quite popular lately, although it finds its origin in western countries, it has certainly become a fun event at South Asian and especially Indian weddings. The game is usually played at wedding receptions and most couples like to play this game.

The reason is obvious, it helps them answer the questions of their friends and family all at once and entertains everyone as well. This game is one of the effective ways to make a wedding reception fun and playful. 

If you are looking to make the upcoming wedding of your friend or family member joyous with the shoe game questions and its funny questions then we have got you covered. We have put together some details about this game to help you prepare yourself for the joyous occasion of the wedding and some surprising questions. Further details are given below:

How to Play The Shoe Game:

wedding shoe game questions

Playing this bride and groom question game is quite simple, all you have to do is to make the bride and the groom opposite to each other’s back and hold a shoe of the groom in one hand and that of the bride’s in the other one. 

This entire activity should happen in front of all guests, one person will perform the job of anchor or host. The anchor will be asking a series of questions from the bride and the groom. The answers to these questions are simple, these answer to each question will either be the bride or the groom. 

The fun factor in this game is that both the groom and the bride can’t speak to answer the question. However, they will provide the audience with the answer by lifting the shoe of either the groom or the bride. For instance, the answer can be “who is the first one to apologize after an argument?” and the bride and the groom will answer it by holding up the shoe of the appropriate person in their hand. 

Playing this game at a wedding event makes the whole time super fun and entertaining for everyone. If you wonder what type of question will be appropriate to ask at this very moment then we are here to help you, as we have listed some questions for the shoe game happening at wedding receptions.

What to ask?

bride and groom question game

The questions to be asked for the purpose of entertainment and fun during the shoe game can be related to the relationship of the newly-wed couple, their lifestyle, and general habits. We have listed some questions below to help you, you can also come up with relevant questions specially prepared for the event.

Some Wedding Shoe Game Funny Questions

  • Who’s more romantic?
  • Who asked for the date first?
  • Who is lazier?
  • Who loves receiving gifts?
  • Who remains more silent during the dates?
  • Who is more likely to create a drama out of a simple situation?
  • Who is talkative?
  • Who gave the first present?
  • Who doesn’t hesitate to say “I love you?”
  • Who is more punctual?
  • Who likes to get involved in face to face conversations over phone calls?
  • Who likes to make more calls?
  • Who’s better in terms of cooking?
  • Who is more organized and like to keep surrounding stuff clean and tidy?
  • Who loves to read books?
  • Who is more likely to stick to social media for hours?
  • Who spends more time in the bathroom?
  • Who loves traveling?
  • Who loves to eat chocolates?
  • Who is a better driver?
  • Who is more likely to choose walking over driving a vehicle?
  • Who is good with explaining the situations appropriately?

Some Questions about Money & Work

  • Who likes to spend money more?
  • Who likes to shop the most?
  • Who likes to work the most?
  • Who saves more money?
  • Who pays the bills?

 Some Questions about Habits and Daily Routines

  • Who likes to exercise the most?
  • Who is in the best shape?
  • Who cleans the house more?
  • Who does the laundry more?
  • Who puts away their clothes first?
  • Who has the cleanest car?
  • Who enjoys the great outdoors?
  • Who is on their phone more?
  • Who is the best singer?
  • Who is the best dancer?
  • Who spends longer in the shower?
  • Who gets ready first?

These were just a few questions, you can ask numerous questions and get funny answers from the bride and groom. They will either agree on an answer or provide you with conflicting answers. Either way, the situation is going to be funnier and amusing.

Some Rules to Consider:

You need to consider some rules while playing this game, considering these rules will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. These rules are given below:

  • Make sure the bride and groom can’t see each other and sitting on chairs while their backs are facing each other’s back.
  • The bride and the groom should hold a shoe of their own and one of their partner’s. 
  • The couple should not be allowed to speak, the only way to answer for newly-weds is holding their own or the other one’s shoe up.
  • The anchor should ask questions with answers as simple as the bride or the groom.
  • The duration of the game is 10 minutes at max. This duration will be enough to ask 20 to 30 questions from the newly-wed couple.

How to Make it More Enjoyable:

Here are some tips to make the game more enjoyable and fun:

  • Make sure the questions are entertaining and prepared well in advance. Preparing questions at the moment might make the game complicated and boring.
  • Make sure you have the questions in your hand before starting the game.
  • The questions should be related to the couple only, which involves both the groom and bride.
  • Questions that may hurt anyone should not be asked during the game.
  • Involve wedding guests in the game as well and let them ask a few questions.
  • Make sure you keep an eye out for the scores as you have to announce them after reaching the conclusion.

Wrapping it Up:

Playing the shoe wedding game at the wedding reception will make the wedding of your friend amazing and more fun. This will also allow others to know how much the bride and the groom understand each other. Finally, you can have unlimited fun at your friend or family members’ wedding by asking some hilarious shoe game questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play the shoe game at a wedding?

  • All you have to do is make the bride and groom while having their backs facing the back of each other and make them hold a shoe belonging to the bride and one that of the groom. Now, ask them questions with answers as simple as either the bride or groom. The couple playing the game will stay quiet and answer the question by raising the shoe of the right person.

When should you play the shoe game at a wedding?

  • The wedding reception is the best time to play a fun game like the shoe game.

Who is most likely to ask questions while playing the game?

  • Typically, the anchor or host has the responsibility of asking questions, other guest can ask a few as well. Generally, the host of the game is either the sibling or a close friend of the bride or groom.

Adorable & Funny Shoe Game Questions for Couples

  • You can ask questions like who is more romantic? Who is more likely to apologize first? or who is more likely to bump a car while driving?

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