When to Send Out Wedding Invitations

When to Send Out Wedding Invitations

Weddings are an important and sacred day for everyone. Every man and woman wants to make this day extra special for them. One of the most important and hectic parts is to send out wedding invitations. 

Someone is specially assigned this task to carefully post wedding invitation cards to the respective guests so that there would be no last-minute issues later regarding invitation cards.

Wedding invitation cards should be sent out six or eight weeks before the actual wedding ceremony so that guests would be able to properly prepare for the ceremony without any hassle.

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Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards are very important for anyone’s wedding, these should not only represent your happiness and love for each other but also include all the necessary information that is required to attend the wedding ceremony such as venue, timing, RSVP, dress code, etc.

After sending out invitations normally have to wait for one to two weeks in order to receive all the response cards. The response cards are crucial in order to make an approximation for wedding arrangements so that arrangements could be completed while considering those number of guests.

During the time of wedding arrangements, it is better to pay extra attention to invitation cards that they deserve to represent the union of those two souls in the best way possible.

A wedding includes numerous events nowadays such as a bachelorette party, bridal shower, reception, etc.

When to send out destination Wedding Invitations

If you are planning a destination wedding, it is better to inform and send out invitations two to three months before the wedding so that the guests would be able to clear their schedule beforehand.

When everybody is flying to the wedding venue from all over the globe then it’s better to give invitations sooner rather than later.

When to ask for RSVP

A wedding invitation seems to be incomplete without an RSVP. Whether you want to send and receive an online RSVP through your wedding website or an RSVP card be sure to stipulate a deadline for receiving RSVP from your guests so that your guests are informed about the time they have to make a final decision. 

The most appropriate and ideal RSVP deadline is one month prior to the wedding.

When to send out invitations for short timeline wedding

On rare occasions, when there is a wedding planned on short notice, it is better to send out invitations before doing anything else or a much better approach is to make use of online communication resources to avoid any future confusion.

Addressing wedding invitations

Always set a reminder to address the invitations before posting them. Addressing the invitations can be very time-consuming. In order to perform this tedious task, it is better to hire a team to save some time.

If you want to use calligraphy then it can be more challenging. Setting an advance appointment with your calligrapher can easily solve this troublesome issue.

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When to send out invitations for Bachelorette Party?

Bachelor Party Invitation

The best time to send a bachelorette party invitation is at least a week up to a month before the wedding. In rare cases, if the groom’s friends were not available in the meantime, one can host your bachelorette party a night before the wedding.

But if you are aiming for making it a destination event you must invite your friends and colleagues at least a month before the wedding, so they can easily make arrangements for plane tickets, ask their employers’ for a few days leaves to turn your event into a joyful and memorable evening.

Mostly a groom’s best man conducts a bachelorette party, but it is not necessary to have only one best man, you may have two best men as well. It is essential that the groom’s best man should be one of his friends and not a family member.

When to send out an invitation for an Engagement Party?

Engagement Party Invitation

Engagement parties are the first in a long chain of overwhelming, congratulatory occasions. Generally facilitated by either the bride or groom’s parents, this occasion happens within half a month or as long as a quarter of a year after the proposition. 

As there’s not a ton of time for arranging and convention, these events are regularly celebrated with an easygoing terrace grill, pool party, or in any case casual engagement party. Since it’s difficult to tell how to deal with invitations and getting ready for such an undertaking.

Should we send an invitation for an engagement party or engagement announcement that would suffice or both?

With online media assuming a particular involvement in reporting most engagement, it’s not, at this point normal to convey formal declarations. All things being equal, most couples depend on verbal exchange and their save-the-date to get out the word. 

Engagement party invitations will probably be conveyed before the save-the-date, so they can be viewed as a declaration also. On account of the put-together nature of engagement parties, these invitations can be something as easygoing as a mass email with a PDF of a greeting or a stock paper welcome.

When to send out an invitation for Bridal Shower?

Bridal Shower Invitation

These should go out somewhere in the range of six and two months before the occasion, depending upon the number of people from friends and family living out-of-town are on the list.

Anybody in the family and friends circle can host a Bridal shower. You must keep an account of the timeline given by the designers for delivery of bridal dress as well as the dress of ‘Bride-Maid’. You must keep in regard the arrangement of venue, decoration, catering, etc.

Ensure visitors RSVP to one individual (the maid of honor, for instance) to keep numbers coordinated. As they all have to set up their schedule and do all other arrangements like flight, budget, gifts for bride and groom.

Numerous showers are a surprise (regardless of whether it’s a surprise the Bride knows is coming), so the bride doesn’t get an invitation. Regardless of whether she knows about the shower, it’s perceived that as the visitor of honor, she’ll be there (you, as host, will ensure that!). Yet, a welcome makes an incredible memento.

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